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The smart artificial intelligence revolution. Explore software that can recognize patterns in digital representations of sounds, images, & data.


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Google DeepMind won the Innovation Lions Grand Prix for AlphaGo, a computing system that for the first time beat the best human player at Go, an ancient game that is much more complex than chess. The Artificial Intelligence system was developed in the U.K. by DeepMind, a company acquired by Google in 2014.

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Nadia Berthouze's aim is to create sensors that can read their users’ levels of pain and use that information to tailor a therapy. ‘Our work focuses on recognising the pain emotion using body movements and muscle activity'.

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Analysis The ability to think logically and to reason is key to intelligence. When this can be replicated in machines, it will no doubt make AI smarter.

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Google is using its DeepMind computing system to search for early signs of diabetic retinopathy and neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD). The research has the potential to revolutionise the way professionals carry out eye tests.

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A spin-out company from the University of Oxford called Oxbotica has developed a new software system for making regular cars into driverless vehicles. The team plans for the software to be used to control not just autonomous cars, but warehouse robots, forklifts, and self-driving public transport vehicles.

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Blue Vision Labs are developing new, ground-breaking technology that solves some of the most important problems in robotics, self-driving cars, augmented reality and drones.

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Deep Learning for Embedded Devices: The Next Step in Privacy-Preserving High-Precision Mobile Health and Wellbeing Tools. Nic Lane's research is aiming to completely change how mobile sensor data is processed -- and in turn, what mobile health tools are capable of -- in the next generation of embedded and wearable devices.

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Given a single example of a texture, Dmitry Ulyanov and team's approach trains compact feed-forward convolutional networks to generate multiple samples of the same texture of arbitrary size and to transfer artistic style from a given image to any other image.

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IBM Watson A.I. Xprize: A Cognitive Computing Competition: will invite teams from around the globe to come up with their own challenges that demonstrate A.I.’s potential to positively impact people’s lives.

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Dr Meng has a wide research interests including digital signal processing, machine learning, human computer interaction, computer vision, image processing and embedded systems. He is also a member of Human Centred Design Institute (HCDI) at Bunel University London.

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Terence Broad from Goldsmiths, University of London is applying artificial neural networks to reconstruct films — by training them to reconstruct individual frames from films, and then getting them to reconstruct every frame in a given film and resequencing it.

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Why Attend

Extraordinary Speakers

Discover advances in deep learning and smart artificial intelligence from the world's leading innovators. Learn from the industry experts in speech & image recognition, neural networks and big data. Explore how deep learning will impact communications, manufacturing, healthcare & transportation.

Discover Emerging Trends

The summit will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in deep learning and their impact on business & society. Will smart artificial intelligence finally rival human intelligence? Learn the latest technological advancements & industry trends from a global line-up of experts.

Expand Your Network

A unique opportunity to interact with business leaders, influential technologists, data scientists & entrepreneurs leading the deep learning revolution. Learn from & connect with 300+ industry innovators sharing best practices to advance the smart artificial intelligence revolution.

Who Should Attend

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • Machine Learning Scientists
  • Developers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Director of Engineering
  • Big Data Experts

Join the discussion

  • 40 speakers
  • 350 leading technologists & innovators
  • Group brainstorming sessions
  • Interactive workshops
  • 7 + hours of networking
  • Access to all the filmed presentations
  • Discover technology shaping the future


View the summit brochure and all the information you need to convince your boss that attending the summit will help future-proof your business.

Topics We Cover

  • Neural Networks

    Neural Networks

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning Algorithms

    Deep Learning Algorithms

  • Computing Systems

    Computing Systems

  • NLP


  • Computer Vision

    Computer Vision

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment Analysis

  • Speech Recognition

    Speech Recognition

  • Image Retrieval

    Image Retrieval

  • Autonomous Vehicles

    Autonomous Vehicles

  • Robotics


  • Industrial Automation

    Industrial Automation

Attendees Include

  • Apple
  • volkswagen
  • IQ Cap Partners
  • ernst & young
  • aerospace agency
  • sony
  • hsbc
  • featurex
  • winton
  • Imperial
  • Fujitsu
  • xing
  • thoughtworks
  • Innovate UK
  • melia
  • Microsoft
  • amdocs
  • met office
  • kwik fit
  • think big


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Chief Knowledge Officer, NASA

"Excellent event. Good combination of highly technical and broader presentation that gave me a good understanding of the current state and potential of the Deep Learning" RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit San Fran 2015


Director of IoT Market Strategy, Xively

"'I’ve been to countless IoT events, and this was hands down one of the most interesting. It was nice to see actual people building actual connected products giving their perspective." RE•WORK IoT Summit Boston 2015


Future & Emerging Technologies Unit

"RE•WORK provided a unique mix of technology, from the exploration of latest scientific findings to startups that can make them a reality" RE•WORK Technology Summit London 2014

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