Simon Osindero

Pixels, Parks, Birds, and Beauty

Photography is now a ubiquitous means of expression and communication: with the rise of cell-phone cameras, everyone is a “photographer”.

The vision and learning group at Flickr is developing a wide range of machine intelligence techniques to allow our users to effortlessly explore the world of beautiful images, and to manage their visual communications and memories.

In this talk, I’ll discuss some of the ways we’re using deep learning to power image search and discovery at Flickr. Focussing on how we help you search for images that haven’t been human-labelled, and how we can automatically infer image aesthetics.

Dr Simon Osindero is a pioneer in the field of machine learning and was the co-inventor of deep belief networks whilst researching as a post-doctoral fellow in the Hinton Group at the University of Toronto.

In his current role as an A.I. Architect at Yahoo, he leads computer vision and machine learning R&D at Flickr. He joined Yahoo in 2013 after it acquired LookFlow, a company he cofounded in 2009 to productize cutting edge research from the fields of machine learning and human-computer interaction. Prior to starting LookFlow he worked with a Montreal-based start-up, Idilia, designing machine-learning algorithms for natural language processing.

He holds a MSc in physics, and a BA/MA in natural sciences (physics, molecular biology, mathematics) from Cambridge University (1st Class), and a PhD in Computational Neuroscience from the Gatsby Unit, University College London. He has also worked as a visual and new-media artist, and holds degrees in Photography and Digital Design from Concordia University.

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