Venkatesh Ramanathan

Fraud Detection Using Deep Learning

Deep Learning has shown superior performance in the areas of image processing, object recognition and text processing. In this talk, I will present how Deep Learning can help with payment fraud detection. I will present results from experiments conducted on a very large data set containing over 10 million examples and 1000s of features. I will also explore several advanced features such as adaptive learning rate and dropout regularization and their impact on runtime and predictive performance.

Venkatesh is a senior data scientist at PayPal where he is working on building state-of-the-art tools for payment fraud detection. He has over 20+ years experience in designing, developing and leading teams to build scalable server side software. In addition to being an expert in big-data technologies, Venkatesh holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science with specialization in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and had worked on various problems in the areas of Anti-Spam, Phishing Detection, and Face Recognition.

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