Jin Hian Lee

Evie, Deep Learning and Natural Language Understanding

Evie is an AI personal assistant that schedules meetings over email just like a real assistant, and one of the key challenges is to understand natural language with enough precision to take action on the users’ behalf. This talk will introduce some of the real-world challenges Evie has to solve, and discuss some of the recent advances in deep learning and NLP that show promising results. This includes interesting work happening in extending distributed representations beyond words, as well as the possibilities that neural machine translation and differential neural computing offers.

Jin Hian Lee is the tech co-founder of mimetic.ai, the startup that launched Evie, one of the world's first AI scheduling assistants. Jin graduated from Stanford University with BSc. & MSc. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1999. He then spent fifteen years at StarHub and Yahoo, launching innovative mobile & Internet media products on a global scale. Inspired to find solutions to tomorrow's greatest challenges, Jin founded mimetic.ai in 2014 to harness the power of AI to free people from busywork and give everyone the time to focus on the important things in life.

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