Stéphane Lallée

Why applied statistics are not Artificial Intelligence?

There is a whole buzz around the words "Machine Learning" and "Artificial Intelligence". They became a marketing tool that exploits our fantasies of intelligent machines and synthetic minds. I'll talk about the gap between the current applications of ML and what should really be called "intelligence". I'll also talk about the bridge between labs' million dollars robots, and the free apps that consumers expect. By doing so, I'll introduce MeeYoo, and the concept of Symbiotic Artificial Intelligence.

Stephane is a software architect, a PhD in neuro-robotics and a young entrepreneur. He spent 7 years creating human robot interactive systems through regular software engineering and neural network approaches. In Europe, he was expanding the cognitive system of the iCub, a humanoid robot which learns like a child. In Singapore, he creates MeeYoo, a digital pet improving smartphone users' well-being. His vision is to bring feeling-worthy robots to people, not machines but artificial friends.

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