Arne Stoschek

AI Applications to Enable Autonomous Flight

Annual air travel volume is expected to double by 2036, putting significant strain on the industry to meet rising demand for new aircraft and its operation. Adaptable autonomous systems will be required to successfully sustain the future of aviation travel. During this session, Arne Stoschek who leads Acubed’s autonomy technologies effort, will address how various AI applications – such as machine learning and computer vision – can progress the advancement towards autonomous flight by developing decision-making software that can safely navigate the world around an aircraft.

At Acubed, Airbus’ Innovation in Silicon Valley, Arne leads the effort focused on building autonomous flight and machine learning solutions to enable autonomous aircraft operations. Passionate about robotics and autonomous electric vehicles, Arne has held engineering leadership positions at global companies such as Volkswagen/Audi and Infineon, and at aspiring Silicon Valley startups, namely Lucid Motors/Atieva, Knightscope and Better Place. Arne holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Munich and previously held a computer vision and data analysis research position at Stanford University.

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