Carlo Dal Mutto

AI Applications to Enable Autonomous Flight

Annual air travel volume is expected to double by 2036, putting significant strain on the industry to meet rising demand for new aircraft and its operation. Adaptable autonomous systems will be required to successfully sustain the future of aviation travel. During this session, Arne Stoschek who leads Acubed’s autonomy technologies effort, will address how various AI applications – such as machine learning and computer vision – can progress the advancement towards autonomous flight by developing decision-making software that can safely navigate the world around an aircraft.

Carlo Dal Mutto is an engineering lead with extensive experience in computer vision, machine learning and robotics. His experience spans between algorithms, software, hardware, system design and implementation. He has a solid track record of successful product deliveries throughout my experience at Aquifi and Acubed (the Silicon Valley innovation center of Airbus). He is an inventor of more than 25 patents, he has co-authored several books and research papers with more than one thousand citations. He has been an invited speaker and technical committee member at world-class AI conferences.

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