Saurabh Khanwalkar

Saurabh Khanwalkar is the VP of Machine Learning at Course Hero, an EdTech Unicorn. At Course Hero, Saurabh leads the Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Search, and Recommendations teams and is responsible for shipping intelligent and personalized learning experiences to millions of students and educators. Saurabh has over 18 years of R&D and leadership experience in Machine Learning Products in diverse industries such as DARPA research, social media analytics, consumer electronics, Healthtech, and Edtech. Saurabh has technical publications and patents in Speech Processing, Natural Language Processing, and Information Retrieval and is on the review committee for NAACL, COLING, and other academic conferences offering industry track Machine Learning papers. Saurabh is passionate about leveraging Machine Learning to solve the hardest and KPI impacting business problems and is a strong believer that ML can be the 10x force multiplier for customer success and monetization.

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