Uliana Popov

Wikidepia on Demand

The goal of AIvsCovid19 initiative is to build a Biomedical Literature Research Tool to help healthcare providers and biomedical researchers, for both this global pandemic and for the health challenges of the future. Over a million biomedical articles are published each year. It is humanly impossible to read through all the papers, and identify the relevant information. Employing Language Models (MLs) we perform the search, information retrieval and hyper summarization, creating a concise read. The output text contains a summary of all the relevant snippets and links to the source papers.

Uliana loves ML and Data. She received her B.A. in Comp. Science from the Technion. After graduation she worked as SW Engineer at IBM. At grad school her main focus was big data visualization. In collaboration with LANL she analyzed the formation of large scale structures in the Universe. At the onset of the pandemic Uliana joined AIvsCovid19 initiative as ML Engineer. She is fascinated by the power of the Transformers, and their impact on the NLP field.

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