Ahmad Rizqi Meydiarso

Deep-Learning in Conversational Commerce

This session will explain problems that need to be tackled in creating transactional chatbot application. Then we will go through its the critical components and explain where deep-learning is applied. We will discuss about advantage and pitfalls of using deep-learning in production systems, and how we tackle some of the problems such as label-bias and reducing the amount of training data. Particularly we will talk about transfer-learning in language understanding. Last but not least we will talk about some of our plans in the future.

Ahmad Rizqi Meydiarso is the CTO of YesBoss, a conversational AI company that focus on south-east Asian Languages. Previously, Rizqi worked as software-architect / system-engineer at Airbus Defence & Space in Munich Area, where he was responsible for developing simulations for Eurofighter VMT and UAV tactical simulator. Prior to that he also had experience working on next generation avionics system at Airbus Headquarter in Toulouse and on cabin systems in Hamburg. He graduated from Technical University of Hamburg with a Master Degree in Computer Science and Engineering as part of its "Infotronik-Programm”, a combined scholarship & trainee program, in cooperation with Airbus.

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