Anatoly Gorchechnikov

AI and the Bio Brain

Current AI trends center on products with isolated elemental capabilities, like visual perception, speech recognition, navigation or motor control. But real intelligence—for example, that of humans and animals—uses senses that work together. Today's mobile robots, drones and self-driving cars need advanced and, more importantly, coordinated capabilities in perception and mobility to be effectively “put to work” in complex environments. To date, the most effective technologies built for these tasks—deep learning neural networks—are modelled after biological brains, but that might not be enough.

Anatoly Gorshechnikov will explain how mobile robots, drones and cars can use even deeper emulations of biological brain systems embedded in inexpensive processors and sensors to enable machines to intelligently sense and safely navigate their environment. The talk will include topics such as neuromorphic models for object recognition, navigation and collision avoidance that Neurala pioneered in the work in collaboration with NASA and ways in which this technology is being commercialized.

Anatoly Gorshechnikov, co-founder and CTO of Neurala, has over 15 years of experience in the development of massively parallel software for neural computation, and was one of the pioneers in applying GPGPU to neural modelling. In Neurala, he manages the tech team and oversees the technology’s development. Anatoly has a PhD in Cognitive and Neural Systems from Boston University and an MS in Computer Science. As an Assistant Professor at Boston University, Anatoly introduced over 70 students to computational modeling of the brain and guided several of them through their PhD programs. He has over 30 scientific publications to his name on topics including neural modelling of rodent spatial processing and navigation, massively parallel software for modelling neural activity, and perspectives and mechanisms of standardization of these models and underlying software.

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