Helen Greiner

Drones Need to Learn

Ms Greiner will speak about drones as a platform for Deep Learning. Using proprietary tether technologies, CyPhy’s drones act as 24/7 eyes in the sky. That’s A LOT of video to watch. While these drones already provide simple target tracking (boats, cars, planes) so much more could be done to aid the operator, identifying objects, people, or circumstances of potential concern, or otherwise mitigating fatigue. Example uses for deep learning algorithm applications include vehicle classification, counter drone operations, public safety assistance, and intrusion detection.

Helen Greiner is known for both innovation, and for business strategy in the field of robotics. Helen Greiner is the Founder of CyPhy Works, a leading drone company delivering aerial platforms to defense, public safety, agriculture, energy, marine, construction, mining, and transportation. Co-founding iRobot (NASDAQ:IRBT) in 1990, Ms. Greiner served as President until 2004, and Chairman until 2008. During her tenure, Ms. Greiner guided iRobot into its position as a global leader with the release of the Roomba™, the PackBot™, and SUGV Military Robots. She built a culture of practical innovation and delivery that led to the deployment of over 6,000 PackBots with our troops. In addition, Ms. Greiner led iRobot’s financing efforts, raising $35M in venture capital for a $75M initial public offering. Greiner holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in computer science, both from MIT.

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