Antoine Amann

Using Deep Learning to Understand the Meaning of Content

Artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise social media marketing and fundamentally change how content creators interact with data. In a data-abundant world, data analytics has become a $200 billion market. Yet too many analytics dashboards describe data without providing actionable insights, forcing users to rely on gut feeling to translate metrics into actions. AI can distill any amount of data into optimal strategies and even implement those strategies - if humans and machines learn to cooperate. Having brought AI into hundreds of social media teams from London to Lima and from Nairobi to New York, Echobox founder Antoine Amann will speak about the potential of AI and his unique insights into how we can harness the potential of technology.

Antoine is the founder and CEO of Echobox, an AI startup working with the world’s biggest publishers, including The Guardian. Every month, social media posts created by the Echobox AI appear over 10 billion times in a user’s news feed. The long-term Echobox vision is to disrupt the data science industry by creating an AI-first content management tool that users don’t even have to log into - the driverless car of social media management. Echobox also wants to continue to introduce the latest AI technology into Asian, African and Latin American newsrooms. As one of Le Monde’s best-known journalists put it, Antoine’s idea is a “win-win” for newsrooms everywhere. Before building the first version of Echobox from scratch, Antoine got first-hand experience in the world of journalism at the Financial Times in London, and he is passionate about leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence to help publishers to continue to deliver high-quality news in an era of scarce resources.

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