Fabrizio Silvestri

Embeddings in the Real World: Two Case Studies

We present two novel embedding mechanisms that are derived for two particular applications in search: spellchecker and queries. The two novel embeddings are designed to improve the quality of the underlying services with the constraint of not increasing the computational time necessary to process queries. We show how we tackled this problem along with some preliminary results on test datasets.

Fabrizio Silvestri is a Software Engineer at Facebook London in the Search Systems team. His interests are in web search in general and in particular his specialization is building systems to better interpret queries from search users. Prior to Facebook, Fabrizio was a principal scientist at Yahoo where he has worked on sponsored search and native ads within the Gemini project. Fabrizio holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pisa, Italy where he studied problems related to Web Information Retrieval with particular focus on Efficiency related problems like Caching, Collection Partitioning, and Distributed IR in general.

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