Luca Perletta

Artificial Intelligence for Space-Based Technology

Understanding change is essential to addressing our most pressing global challenges. As populations grow, infrastructure must expand. As globalization spreads, businesses must react. As the environment changes, humans must adapt.

To make sense of these developments, we need actionable insight and informed collaboration now more than ever. Today, the ability to observe, analyze and monitor our planet is unprecedented.

DigitalGlobe owns and operates the most sophisticated satellite imaging constellation. This technology has enabled an image library spanning over 25 years and amounting to over 100 Petabytes of high resolution imagery. To be able to process and make sense of such as vast amount of data, at scale, DigitalGlobe is pioneering the use of deep learning and artificial intelligence. From establishing economic indicators, to automatedly detect objects and make predictions about future events, artificial intelligence applied to geospatial information is helping reveal insights that would otherwise be hidden.

Luca has over 5 years experience in developing applications that rely on space-based radar and optical data. Luca currently serves as a Technical Engineer at DigitalGlobe where he is responsible for creating solutions based on satellite imagery, geospatial big data and deep learning algorithms. Academically, Luca holds an MSc in signal processing and remote sensing.

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