Shreyansh Daftry

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Shreyansh Daftry is a Technologist in the Computer Vision group in the Autonomous Systems division (34x) at JPL. As a researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence, he is interested in pushing the boundaries of technology with innovations in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Autonomous Robotics. His lifelong ambition is to promote both the exploration of space and improvement of sustainable living on Earth.

Prior to joining JPL, Shreyansh received his M.S. degree in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. His studies were focused on robust perception and navigation for small unmanned aerial vehicles. He has worked as a software developer and research intern for several organizations including Astrobotic Inc., where he developed technology for multi-robot exploration of lunar caves as part of the Google Lunar X prize.

Shreyansh has also served on the Mission support team for NASAs human research program: Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation Mission 4.

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