Shreyansh Daftry

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Deep Learning for Space Exploration

Artificial Intelligence is playing an increasing role in the space industry, where AI related technologies such as deep learning have the potential to revolutionize almost every aspect of space exploration. In this talk, we will discuss the evolution of autonomous robots for space exploration and planetary science. Next we will look at examples of deep learning technologies we are developing for autonomous robotic applications on Earth, Mars and beyond, and describe some of the grand challenges in AI for such safety-critical systems. Finally, we describe lessons learnt from space industry that can be applied to industrial applications here on Earth.

Shreyansh Daftry is a Research Scientist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, working at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Space Technology to help develop the next generation of robots for Earth, Mars and beyond. Shreyansh received his M.S. degree in Robotics from the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA in 2016, and his B.S. degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering in 2013. His research interests spans computer vision, machine learning and autonomous robotics, with a focus on real-time computation, safety and adaptability.

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