Nimit Jain

How The Pharmaceutical Industry Is Leveraging Deep Learning

A case study of NOVARTIS, from conceptual design to enterprise level implementation.Pharmaceutical industry is very rich in “unstructured”, “semi-structured” data sets, generated throughout the process of drug discovery, clinical trial, manufacturing, testing and commercial launches in the form of pdfs, word document, databases etc.. Business functions are well equipped to manually/semi-manually mine the information, extract insights and use in their business process. However, typical issues around limitation with respect to understanding causal effects, learnings from prior experiments/mistakes, siloes data connections are vast area of opportunity. The talk sites specific usecases touching 1000’s of business users using AI and ML based model insights. This focuses on data science and software engineering learnings which has made deep learning based initiatives successful. The talk summarizes the gaps in reasearch which can enable pharmaceutical industry to be more embracing to advanced technologies.

Nimit Jain, heads Applied AI in Novartis, IT function. He brings in 15+ years of experience with CPG, Retail, Banking and Pharma segments leveraging data for insights working cross geography. Specifically, he has been associated with McDonald’s, Target, P&G, DBS Bank in past, now is leading this initiative for Novartis. He builds data products to be consumed enterprise wise across the value chain of drug manufacturing leveraging AI/Machine learning.

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