Seyone Chithrananda

How Deep Learning Will Help Us Eradicate Disease and Disrupt Personalized Medicine

Currently, our ability to measure and modify genome biology is growing at an outstanding rate, but our ability to interpret the genome is lacking. Deep learning can help bridge that gap of interpretability and is being used today to understand essential biological functions of disease such as transcription-factor binding, splice site binding, and even early cancer detection. During his presentation, Seyone will talk about how artificial intelligence will solve the puzzle of the genome and change the healthcare industry. Seyone will also talk about some of the work he’s been doing around drug discovery research, to help identify targets, develop compounds, and denoise cellular images.

Seyone Chithrananda is a 15-year-old machine learning and genomics researcher. He began his journey working in genetics research with the help of SickKids at 13. He’s built projects to predict transcription-factor binding, RNA splicing, and generate molecules using deep learning. Now, looking to combine his interests in machine learning and biology, he’s working at the intersection of deep learning and genomics, working on tackling issues in drug discovery and early diagnosis of disease. This summer, Seyone is working at, a leading artificial intelligence company building a customer intelligence platform powered by AI that helps consumer businesses make precise predictions about customer needs so that they can deliver more meaningful and relevant digital interactions. Seyone is an Innovator at The Knowledge Society.

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