Subhodeep Moitra

Deep Learning for Program Repair

The software development process can be frustrating, painful and costly; rife with bugs, project delays and unexpected outages. If machine learning were to help with software engineering it would make for the stuff of dreams. ML4SE (Machine Learning for Software Engineering) is an active research area in this space. In this talk we describe progress we've made at Google on training deep learning models to fixing build errors encountered by software developers.

Subhodeep Moitra is a researcher in the Google Brain team at Montreal working on program synthesis. He’s been at Google since 2015 and has previously worked on (1) Dopamine, a library for deep reinforcement learning and (2) Google Vizier, a service for bayesian optimization and AutoML. Before Google, Subhodeep obtained his PhD in applied machine learning from Carnegie Mellon university on generative models of protein sequences. At present, he lives in the suburbs with his wife and two cats and enjoys the outdoors of the Laurentians.

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