Toni Perämäki

Version Control for Jupyter Notebooks

While Jupyter Notebook is an excellent tool for experimenting with machine learning models on early stage, there is still a big leap to enable company-wide, transparent, and production-scale ML development. During Toni’s presentation, you’ll learn how to support machine learning exploration, experimentation, and deployment in Jupyter Notebooks using Jupyhai. Jupyhai is Valohai’s Jupyter Notebook extension letting data scientists run their experiments asynchronously on the cloud while having automatic versioning for code, data, hyperparameters, and more. Time to step up your Jupyter game to the next level!

Former promising software engineer lured into the dark arts of business development and sales. Toni has decade long experience ranging from different technology companies working with both tech and business. Currently shielding data scientists from the mundane devops & infrastructure tasks in model development as the Chief Operating Officer of Valohai.

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