David Sadek

Explainable by Design AI is the Real Challenge

Artificial Intelligence capabilities are set to become pervasive and to spread across a span a various systems including air, ground and sea transportation vehicles. Yet Machine Learning algorithms and their derived features do not provide any means to insure and enforce Safety and Security which is the number 1 driver and priority to certify new technologies on board critical transportation systems: “deployable AI can only be achieved with Explainable AI”. To cope with the inherent unpredictability and the lack of guarantees of Machine Learning black boxes, Industry, Academia and Regulations Agencies have to work jointly to design and develop frameworks and Explainable by design AI to allow deployable AI features onboard Aircrafts, Ships and any ground transportation vehicles.

David Sadek, holding a Doctorate in Computer Science, joins THALES as Vice President Research and Technology. He is a world renowned expert in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science and Dr Sadek’s nominations to several past and current national and international steering and evaluation committees highlight his longstanding contributions to the sector. His impressive career includes a number of senior positions, notably with Orange and Orange Labs, as Vice President for Research & Strategy, as well as over a decade in Research & Development, designing intelligent agents and natural human-machine dialogue. His research led to the design and implementation of the first technologies in conversational agents, as well as the ACL inter-agent communication language standard.

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