Michael Gschwind

Journey to the Cognitive Era with IBM - How to leverage Deep Learning to win the AI Arms Race

While Deep Learning has widely been accepted as one of the most exciting developments in computer science of the past fifty years, many organizations find themselves struggling with just how to get started. IBM's historical leadership in artificial intelligence dates back to the 1950s with AI pioneer Arthur Samuel's very first checkers playing machine learning system and extends to present day cutting edge AI research and ground breaking technology such as Watson, that have disrupted wide spread industries and many facets of society. This session will highlight some of IBM's recent accomplishments and will also illustrate that regardless of where you are in your journey to the cognitive era, IBM has the breadth of revolutionary technology offerings, and depth of data science expertise to help your organization leverage deep learning and win the AI arms race.

Dr. Gschwind leads the development of IBM's cognitive enterprise solution to deliver improved business results with advanced data understanding and AI-based modeling in the IBM Global Chief Data Office. He leads the design and implementation of IBM's Deep Learning at Scale Platform coupled to IBM's Corporate Enterprise Data Platform, and its applications. As Chief engineer for Machine and Deep Learning in IBM's Systems Group, he initiated the development of PowerAI and AI solutions in based on a Deep Learning optimized hardware and software systems. He previous servers as a chief architect for supercomputers, enterprise servers and game console processors.

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