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IBM Watson Deep Learning: From Research to Real Applications

Despite the scientific and engineering advances that have made deep learning applications feasible, there are significant challenges for widespread development and commercialization. IBM emphasizes new architectures, applications and tools that advance the field in deep learning and accelerates its adoption. The presentation will highlight a couple of concrete examples of recent breakthrough in research. Like: the advances in conversational speech recognition using convolutional and recurrent neural networks, the deep learning ensembles methods for recognition of diseases in medical images, the semantic of sentences in Natural Language processing and the hyper parameter optimisations of Neural Networks. But most importantly, the presentation will focus on available infrastructures, tools and applications that will enable its adoption by the industry. Like: PowerAI, the high performance integrated infrastructure for deep learning, the deep learning capabilities provided as a service on the Cloud, and finally specific applications in Healthcare and Finance.

Bassem Monla has over 32 years of professional experience in IT Business & Consultancy; he is now an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Subject Matter Expert at IBM Quebec and a Business Development Manager for Smart Cities solutions. Bassem is a technology passionate: After graduating from Ecole Polytechnique, France’s top Institute of Science & Technology, constantly maintained a high level of scientific knowledge especially in the Information Technology & Telecommunication, as well as in the different branches of Applied Mathematics. This same Applied Mathematics is coming to an age where in fusing with IT is bringing the new promise of Artificial Intelligence. A career driven by a vision and a passion for innovation and for delivering solutions that brings high added value. Empowered by this vision, Bassem is putting new technologies to work and he believes that applications in Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain & Cloud are countless and will ultimately transform all business sectors.

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