Jean-François Gagné

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How AI Will Shift Operations From 'Command & Control' to 'Learn & Adapt'

Digital transformation has automated many knowledge workers' tasks, freeing them up to spend more time on high-level creative thinking. Though, outside a few examples such as consulting firms or cybersecurity, most organizations today still focus on optimizing operations by 'command and control'. The cyber-industrial revolution will help, if not necessitate, organizations shift from optimizing 'Command & Control' to 'Learn & Adapt' where companies and workers will win by being able to connect abstract trends and ideas into principles for automated systems to build on. Reshaping the organizational structure around learning is not easy, but it is possible.

Jean-Francois is a veteran AI entrepreneur and former Chief Product Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at JDA Software, where he was the youngest global C-Level Executive of a top-20 Enterprise Software company. He has founded and successfully exited two companies in AI and Operations Research, represented Canada as a Technology Investment Champion Speaker for Global Affairs, and is a sought-after expert for educating top-level management about the impact of AI on industry.

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