Augustin Marty

Co-Founder & CEO

Creating Image Recognition Solutions Through Deep Learning & Human-Machine Cooperation

In the past several years there have been a number of advances in computer vision, mostly for general tagging. These however do not work for industry-specific image-recognition needs. Today, high quality datasets are accessible and are at the foundation of specialised AI applications for firms in a great number of industries (retail, defense and security, robotics…). In this talk we discuss how Deepomatic uses machine-human cooperation techniques to build datasets that fuel specialised image recognition solutions. Then we will discuss how we develop and deploy effective and scalable solutions in diverse industries, with the example of a defense and security client.

Augustin Marty is the CEO and Co-founder of Deepomatic. By 28 he had founded his first company in China, had worked in India, optimising combustion cycles for Power Plants, and at Vinci Construction Group designing and selling engineering projects. Augustin met his cofounders just after high school; sharing the same passion for entrepreneurship they decided to partner in early 2014 and created Deepomatic, the image intelligence company.

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