Stacey Svetlichnaya

Quantifying Visual Aesthetics on Flickr

What makes an image beautiful? More pragmatically, can an algorithm distinguish high-quality photographs from casual snapshots to improve search results, recommendations, and user engagement at scale? We leverage social interaction with Flickr photos to generate a massive dataset for computational aesthetics and train machine learning models to predict the likelihood images being of high, medium, or low quality. I will present our approach and findings, address some of the challenges of quantifying subjective preferences, and discuss applications of the aesthetics model to finding, sharing, and creating visually compelling content in an online community.

Stacey Svetlichnaya is a software engineer on the Yahoo Vision & Machine Learning team. Her recent deep learning research includes object recognition, image aesthetic quality and style classification, photo caption generation, and modeling emoji usage. She has worked extensively on Flickr image search and data pipelines, as well as automating content discovery and recommendation. Prior to Flickr, she helped develop a visual similarity search engine with LookFlow, which Yahoo acquired in 2013. Stacey holds a BS and MS in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University.

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