Tony Jebara

Personalized Content/Image Selection

A decade ago, Netflix launched a challenge to predict how each user would rate each movie in our catalog. This accelerated the science of machine learning and matrix factorization. Since then, our learning algorithms and models have evolved with multiple layers, multiple stages and nonlinearities. Today, we use machine learning and deep variants to rank a large catalog by determining the relevance of each of our titles to each of our users, i.e. personalized content selection. We also use machine learning to find how to best present the top ranked items for the user. This includes selecting the best images to display for each title just for you, i.e. personalized image selection.

Tony directs machine learning research at Netflix and is sabbatical professor at Columbia University. He serves as general chair of the 2017 International Conference on Machine Learning. He has published over 100 scientific articles in the field of machine learning and has received several best paper awards.

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