Time icon 08:00


Time icon 09:00


Mariya Yao

Mariya Yao - CTO and Head of R&D - TOPBOTS



Time icon 09:15
Yaniv Taigman

Yaniv Taigman - Research Scientist - Facebook AI Research (FAIR)

Personalized Generative Models

Time icon 09:35
Keith Adams

Keith Adams - Chief Architect - Slack

Learning Embeddings at Slack

Time icon 09:55
Ian Goodfellow

Ian Goodfellow - Staff Research Scientist - Google Brain

Generative Adversarial Networks

Time icon 10:20


Time icon 11:00
Peter Carr

Peter Carr - Research Engineer - Disney Research

Modeling Team Strategies using Deep Imitation Learning

Time icon 11:20
Christian Szegedy

Christian Szegedy - Staff Research Scientist - Google

Deep Learning for Formal Reasoning


Time icon 11:40
Carl Vondrick

Carl Vondrick - Research Scientist - Google

Predictive Vision

Time icon 12:00
Andrew Tulloch

Andrew Tulloch - Research Engineer - Facebook

Deep Learning in Production at Facebook

Time icon 12:20



Time icon 13:30
Matthew Peters

Matthew Peters - Researcher - Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Towards a More Efficient, Less Painful Discovery of Scientific Research Findings.


Time icon 13:50
Junhyuk Oh

Junhyuk Oh - Research Scientist - DeepMind

Zero-Shot Task Generalization with Multi-Task Deep Reinforcement Learning

Time icon 14:10
Ilya Sutskever

Ilya Sutskever - Co-Founder & Chief Scientist - OpenAI

Meta Learning and Self Play


Time icon 14:30
Yves Raimond

Yves Raimond - Director of Machine Learning - Netflix

Deep Learning for Recommender Systems

Justin Basilico

Justin Basilico - Director of Machine Learning - Netflix

Deep Learning for Recommender Systems

Time icon 14:50
Dumitru Erhan

Dumitru Erhan - Staff Research Scientist - Google Brain

Learning How to Generate the Future in Videos

Time icon 15:10



Time icon 15:40
Clement Farabet

Clement Farabet - VP of AI Infrastructure - NVIDIA

Industry-Grade Deep Learning

Time icon 16:00
Dave Lacey

Dave Lacey - Head of Software Engineering - Graphcore

Graph Computing for Machine Intelligence

Time icon 16:20
Vicki Cheung

Vicki Cheung - Head of Infrastructure - Previously OpenAI

Building Infrastructure for Deep Learning

Time icon 16:40
Raj Talluri

Raj Talluri - SVP of Product Management - Qualcomm

Intelligent Vision: Combining DL With Traditional Computer Vision for Performance in Vision-Based IoT Applications

Time icon 17:00

Conversation & Drinks

Download the PDF agenda below

Time icon 08:00


Time icon 09:00


Rumman Chowdhury

Rumman Chowdhury - Senior Principal - Accenture



Time icon 09:10
Nathan Wheeler

Nathan Wheeler - Chief Product Officer - Entropix

Using DL To Reverse the Resolution-Degrading Effects of Conventional Video Capture

Time icon 09:25
Yousuke Okada

Yousuke Okada - Founder & CEO/CTO - ABEJA

Business Production AI on Cloud & Edges

Time icon 09:40
Scott Stephenson

Scott Stephenson - Co-Founder & CEO - Deepgram

Your Voice is Pure Gold: Understand Speech Data with Deep Learning

Time icon 09:55
Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson - Head of Software - Marble

How Deep Learning Enables Autonomous Vehicles

Time icon 10:10
Eli David

Eli David - CTO - Deep Instinct

End-to-End Deep Learning for Detection, Prevention, and Classification of Cyber Attacks

Time icon 10:25



Time icon 11:00
Daphne Koller

Daphne Koller - CEO - insitro


Rumman Chowdhury

Rumman Chowdhury - Senior Principal - Accenture


Time icon 11:40
Nina Berry

Nina Berry - J6 S&T Advisor - Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO)

Democratizing Data Science & Machine Learning to the End-User

Time icon 12:00
Karthik Ramasamy

Karthik Ramasamy - Senior Data Scientist - Uber

Deep Defense: Using Deep Learning to Fight off Uber Fraudsters

Time icon 12:20


Time icon 13:20
Kourosh Modarresi

Kourosh Modarresi - Senior AI - ML Scientist - Adobe

Application of DNN for Modern Data with two Examples: Recommender Systems & User Recognition

Time icon 13:40
Miao Lu

Miao Lu - Research Scientist - Yahoo Labs

Deep Learning in Advertisement

Time icon 14:00
Frank Xia

Frank Xia - Data Scientist - Uber

Personalization using LSTMs


Time icon 14:20
Amy Gershkoff

Amy Gershkoff - Chief Data Officer - Ancestry

Is Your Organization Ready for ML?

Time icon 14:40
Manuel Proissl

Manuel Proissl - Head of Predictive Analytics in Banking Products - UBS

On the Embedding of Reliable Deep Learning in the Enterprise

Time icon 15:00


Download the PDF agenda below

Time icon 10:30
Day 1

New to Deep Learning? Time to Ask Qs! - Networking

Networking & Open Floor with Experts

Time icon 11:10
Day 1

Maithili Mavinkurve - Sightline Innovation

The Commercialization of Deep Learning

Time icon 13:35
Day 1

Rumman Chowdhury - Accenture

Designing Ethical AI Solutions

Time icon 14:40
Day 1

Mahmood Tabaddor - Consortium for Safer AI

What are the Main Practical Safety Issues with AI Products?

Time icon 15:50
Day 1

Rix Ryskamp - useAIble

Getting ROI from ML -- the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Time icon 09:15
Day 2

Mahesh Ram - Solvvy

How Machine Learning Applications Can Deliver a Superior Customer Support Experience

Time icon 10:00
Day 2

How can we Utilize AI to Protect the Environment & Increase Sustainability? - WORKSHOP

Panel Discussion with Leading Experts & Practitioners

Time icon 11:00
Day 2

Startup Mentoring Session - BREAKOUT SESSION

Startup Mentoring Session with VCs and Industry Experts

Time icon 11:15
Day 2

Ofer Ronen - Chatbase

Analysing & Optimizing Bots More Easily for Better User Experiences

Time icon 13:35
Day 2

What is AI’s Biggest Impact on Data Centers? - WORKSHOP

Breakout Session & Open Floor With Experts

Time icon 14:00
Day 2

David Nola - NVIDIA

Image Creation using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)

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