Dave Lacey

Graph Computing for Machine Intelligence

Machine intelligence gives rise to a new form of computing which will have a profound effect on both hardware and software systems. Given the emergence of new algorithms and hardware, we need to think about how we program the software for these systems. This needs to address a new paradigm of compute but also allow us to integrate with existing software systems and practice. I will resent our work on graph programming for this purpose.

Dave Lacey is software technical lead at Graphcore, working on the programming environment and software stack for the IPU - a brand new type of processor for the next generation of machine intelligence computer systems. He has a PhD from the University of Oxford in Computer Science and has over 16 years of experience in research and development of programming tools and applications in many areas including machine learning, HPC and embedded systems. Prior to Graphcore, he worked at the University of Oxford, the University of Warwick, Clearspeed Technology and XMOS.

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