Kevin Peterson

How Deep Learning Enables Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles will transform how we work and play. Today, thirty percent of the cars on the road at any given time are trying to park. We spend 500 million hours each day driving to and from the grocery store. The impact of automating these tasks and more is huge. Marble is building self-driving delivery vehicles to give you back this time. I'll talk about why delivery is a good application of robotics, and how deep learning enables us to automate driving.

Co-Founder and software lead, Kevin Peterson, is responsible for the software that enables Marble’s robots to seamlessly navigate the city and efficiently route to their destination. Before Marble, Kevin developed perception systems for the first self-driving car and led development of a lunar lander for the Google Lunar XPRIZE. He has developed robots to chase submarines, rove the Moon, and clean up unexplored ordnance.

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