Manuel Proissl

Towards Algorithmic Assurance of Governing Machine Learning Systems at Scale

Over the past years a vast amount of research and guidelines have been published with the aim to pave the way towards 'governance frameworks' of machine learning systems affecting consumers, particularly around adversarial robustness, model transparency, privacy conservation, algorithmic fairness and ethical principles. This presentation focuses on a set of techniques that have shown potential and presumably practical relevance in financial services. Furthermore, the talk attempts to also shed light on opportunities and challenges of embedding third-party APIs that have been developed/trained by global communities.

Manuel is currently Head of Predictive Analytics in Banking Products at UBS. Previously, he's been a senior advisor and machine learning cloud platform lead at Ernst & Young, developed numerous AI-driven business solutions for global organizations, and held managing roles in cross-border audit & advisory engagements and leading international research collaborations with contributions to AI research, Cognitive Control Systems and Particle Physics.

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