Scott Stephenson

Your Voice is Pure Gold: Understand Speech Data with Deep Learning

With deep learning, businesses are quickly cashing in on the promise of big data. It’s now true that you can record the data, build the model, and get results. Alexa and Siri have given you a glimpse of the new gold -- it’s your speech data. Recorded phone calls and meetings are full of rich information that can now be extracted to help your business. We’ll discuss this new wave of tech and how to deploy AI Speech Products into your business.

Dr. Scott Stephenson is a dark matter physicist turned Deep Learning entrepreneur. He earned a PhD in particle physics from University of Michigan where his research involved building a lab two miles underground in China to detect dark matter. Scott left his physics post-doc research position to co-found Deepgram, a San Francisco-based Speech AI company. Deepgram participated in YCombinator in 2016 and leads private companies in research and deployment for deep learning based Speech AI.

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