Yousuke Okada

Business Production AI on Cloud and Edges, along with Case Studies

When AI technology is implemented as a business solution, preparation of data, pipeline and algorithm are required, along with peripheral systems to manage GPUs. We have created its own success AI approach featuring all functions needed by implementation: Data Collection, Model Deployment & Training, Model Management, GPU Edge Device Management and many more. This method is already in use by 100 companies such as Manufacture (preventive malfunction, visual inspection, auto picking), Retail (VMD optimization, measure the effect of marketing), Logistics (auto picking, delivery optimization) and etc, with over 450 case studies. 

Born in 1988. Started programming from 10-year-old. Majored in computer graphics in high school and awarded a prize from Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In college, researched 3-dimensional computer graphics using Graphical Processing Unit with Compute Unified Device Architecture and proposed some paper in various international conferences. Focused on solving the distributed physical simulation. After that, joined small venture company to manage a multi-million business. In 2011 stayed at Silicon Valley and impressed artificial intelligence technology on research stage. Backed Japan, Started ABEJA as CEO / CTO.

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