Alicia Kavelaars

DRL for Robots in Extreme Environments

As practical applications of DRL in the field of robotics emerge, implementations become feasible not only for controlled lab scenarios but also field applications where the unstructured nature of the environment poses additional challenges. OffWorld is developing a robotic platform that makes use of DRL algorithms for operations in extreme environments on Earth, as a precursor of applications in space such as habitat development and resource mining. We will review the challenges we are facing and our DRL implementation approach for robots in extreme environments.

Alicia is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at OffWorld Inc. She brings over 15 years of experience in the aerospace industry developing and successfully launching systems for NASA, NOAA and the Telecommunications industry. In 2015, Alicia made the jump to New Space to work on cutting edge innovation programs. In her tenure at OffWorld, Alicia has led the development of AI based rugged robots that will be deployed in one of the most extreme environments on Earth as a precursor to swarm robotic space operations: deep underground mines. Alicia holds a MSc. and PhD from Stanford University and a BSc. in Theoretical Physics from UAM, Spain.

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