Arun Chaganty

Chatbots: The (Long) Tail Wags the Dog

Give a customer a chatbot meant to help them track packages, and they’ll ask it to change their delivery address, send them proof of delivery and cook them dinner. In general, customers expect chatbots to handle a large quantity of very specific tasks, and each task requires custom, time consuming, hard coded API integrations. That’s not scalable. In this talk, I’ll go over the novel AI and UX techniques that Eloquent Labs uses to tackle this problem -- and how we’re using our approach to make chatbots work in customer facing environments.

Arun Chaganty is the Head of AI at Eloquent Labs and recently graduated with a PhD from the Stanford NLP group. He is interested in making it easier for people to scale up the information they are able to access, process and comprehend through robust machine learning systems with humans-in-the-loop.

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