Hassan Murad

Oscar, AI for Zero Waste

Majority of global waste, especially from developed countries, can be recycled however only 2% actually remains clean enough to be processed by material recovery facilities. Intuitive has developed Oscar, an AI module that is designed to reduce contamination at the source of disposal and increase the amount of waste diverted away from landfills, oceans or third world countries. This engaging user-nudging AI has been trained using deep learning algorithms to enable accurate object detection for a large variety of waste items to enable smarter zero waste spaces.

Hassan Murad is the CEO & Co-Founder of Intuitive AI where they are developing AI to empower a zero waste world. He was driven by the world’s massive waste problem to begin creating solutions along with co-founder, Vivek Vyas, and divert waste away from landfills, oceans or incineration chambers. His robotics background, that includes working on autonomous submarines, farm-mapping drones and self-driving cars at Tesla, has inspired him to develop Oscar, an AI powered visual sorting system. Hassan has won numerous awards recognizing his leadership in innovation and was recently featured on Forbes as the top 5 Entrepreneurs On The Rise in AI.

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