Jerry Qu

Disrupting Education with ML

Education has remained stagnant over the past century while technology has grown exponentially. One of the biggest problems with education today, is creating a curriculum that keeps up with innovation. Machine Learning can begin to solve this by autonomously generating curriculum for virtually any topic.

Jerry Qu is a Machine Learning (ML) developer who strives to solve real-world problems with exponential technologies. At 17 years old, Jerry has built numerous ML solutions, from an app that enables the visually impaired to better understand their world, to simulating self driving cars using Deep Q-Learning. He has spoken at conferences such as the Toronto Machine Learning Summit, CITC, and Microsoft's Connected Learning Conference. Recently, Jerry has been developing a platform which aims to revolutionize the education system, by utilizing ML to make cutting-edge research digestible for everyone. Last summer, he interned at Microsoft. Website:

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