Julia Badger

Human-Machine Interaction in Deep Space

This talk will discuss plans for human exploration to the moon and beyond, and how human-machine teams will be essential to our success. As communication latency and bandwidth constraints increase, astronauts will rely more and more on technology and augmented intelligence to solve problems and conduct their missions. Pre-deployments of spacecraft and habitats will necessitate robotic caretakers to assist ground controllers in maintaining these assets in deep space. The teaming of crew and ground support with these machines present interesting operational and mission challenges that are being explored today.

Dr. Julia Badger is the Project Manager for the Robotics and Intelligence for Human Spacecraft team at NASA-Johnson Space Center. She is responsible for the research and development of humanoid robotic (Robonaut) and autonomous system capabilities, on the Earth, the International Space Station, and for future exploration, that include dexterous manipulation, autonomous spacecraft control and caretaking, and human-robot interfaces. Julia has a BS from Purdue University, and an MS and PhD from the California Institute of Technology, all in Mechanical Engineering. Her work has been honored with several awards, including NASA Software of the Year, Early Career, and Director’s Commendation Awards.

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