Kelvin Lwin

Human Insight Project – 21st century Education System

Objective measures support that there has never been a better time to be alive, yet equally objective metrics show dissatisfaction levels rising at an alarming rate known as the Paradox of Progress. The rapid pace of technological development means multiple paradigm shifts now occur in a lifetime, shifts that previously occurred once a millennium. Without the proper tools to address our individuality and existence, the paradox will break most coping mechanisms. The challenge is providing personalized assistance for each human to build resilience through rapidly increasing rate of change. With the coming AI shift, it becomes possible to provide timely omnipresent assistance to aid in decision-making. Care should be taken to avoid the dangers of blindly following the data or delegating personal responsibility to an outside agency. Data gathering, and making sense of it, should fall within the human agency. The seed for modern AI is also just data, it just learns to retain the examples it’s been shown. Human Insight Project is the basis of the true 21st-century education system where personalized context by AI can aid every human to navigate through the maps of our outer and inner life terrains.

After spending nearly a decade at UC Berkeley, Kelvin decided to repay his debt to the public education system by helping build UC Merced. He spent seven years teaching 4,500 students across 55 classes, while redesigning the undergraduate Computer Science curriculum. He is now busy designing curricula at NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI) to democratize access to the latest technologies across many disciplines, industries and geographies. Kelvin helped DLI reach over 100K developers worldwide directly and in collaboration with Udacity and Coursera/ He continues to search for ways to leverage AI to solve the Paradox of Progress.

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