Thomas Simonini

Curiosity Driven Learning, a promising strategy in Deep Reinforcement Learning

Curiosity Driven Learning is one of the most exciting and promising strategy in deep reinforcement learning: we create agents that are able to produce rewards and learn from them. In this workshop, you’ll learn what is curiosity, how it works, and understand the process of how an agent generates this intrinsic reward using a trained agent in a video game environment. By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to understand how curiosity driven learning agents work and the main elements needed to implement them.

Thomas Simonini is a Deep Learning Engineer specialized in Deep Reinforcement Learning. After a Bachelor Degree of French Law and Political Sciences in 2016, he decided to change career by learning AI. He graduated from Deep Learning Foundations and Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree by Udacity. He founded Deep Reinforcement Learning Course. A successful series of articles and videos about Deep Reinforcement Learning from beginner to expert published on FreeCodeCamp and Towards Data Science. Before that, he founded CatDCGAN, an open source AI project that generates realistic pictures of cats.

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