Eero Laaksonen

Asynchronous Model Training & Version Control for Jupyter Notebooks with Valohai

Valohai is an end-to-end Machine Learning Platform that takes care of MLOps, automatic version control, and team collaboration. While notebooks are great for early experimentation with ML models, they are not ideal to facilitate company-wide, transparent and production-scale ML development. Jupyhai is Valohai’s Jupyter Notebook extension, letting data scientists run their notebook experiments asynchronously on the cloud while having automatic versioning for code, data, hyperparameters, and more. Time to take your Jupyter game to the next level!

Eero is a San Francisco based startup founder and CEO. Their company Valohai focuses on large-scale, in-production machine learning and deep learning tooling. Eero is a frequent speaker in ML events around the world.

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