Maciej Mazur

Fraud Detection in 2020 - Bad Guys Perspective

AI is evolving rapidly these days, and together with it are our fraud detection systems. I want to show you what is the current state of the art approach to fraud detection, how are such systems implemented, and what are key differentiators to look at when choosing a solution for your business (AML, credit card frauds and insurance). Next we will focus on credit card frauds, but not from a payment provider or a bank perspective but a criminal. Learn more on what are the newest technology trends for card frauds, how bad guys build their infrastructure and how they cheat and manipulate your million dollars black boxes that are supposed to keep you safe.

As Chief Data Scientist at PGS Software, Maciej is the technical lead of the data team and implements ML-based solutions for clients around the globe. In his 10 years of IT-experience, he’s worked for major players like Nokia and HPE, developing complex optimisation algorithms even before the term Data Science was coined.

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