Peter Relan

Hands-on Workshop: BERT based Conversational Q&A Platform for Querying a complex RDBMS with No Code

Most business and operations people in organizations want to ask questions of databases regularly. But they are limited by minimal schema understanding and SQL skills. In the field of AI, conversational agents like Rasa, Dialogflow, Lex, Watson, Luis are emerging as NLU-based dialog agents that hook into actions or custom fulfillment logic. Got It is unveiling the first AI product that creates a conversational interface to any custom database schema on MySQL or Google Big Query, using Rasa or Dialog Flow. Got It’s No Code approach automates the discovery and addition of new intents/slots and actions, based on incoming user questions and knowledge of the database schema. Thus, the end-end system adapts itself to an evolving schema and user questions until it can answer virtually any question. Got It supports full sentence NLP for chat based UIs, and search keyword NLP for Analytics UIs to dynamically query a database, without custom fulfillment logic, by utilizing a proprietary DNN.

This workshop provides a hands-on session demonstrating how quick the set up is for the product to start retrieving data from a sophisticated retail industry database schema, for both business analytics as well as for customer service use cases.

Peter Relan is the founding investor and chairman of breakthrough companies, including Discord (300M users), Epic! (95% of US elementary schools) and (AI+Human Intelligence for Saas and Paas products). Formerly a Hewlett Packard Resident Fellow at Stanford University, and a senior Oracle executive, Peter is working with the Got It team on driving user and business productivity higher by 10X, applying Google BERT and transfer learning to real business databases with minimal training data sets, that allow users to program queries and analytics tools with no technical skills.

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