Shubham Jain

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Dear Radiologists, Wolves Are Coming! is working to bridge the gap between demand and supply in healthcare diagnostics. We are working with various hospitals and universities across the globe to bring healthcare to everyone, to improve the quality of life and raise the status of living. We are building algorithms, that will help radiologists in earlier and faster diagnosis of diseases such as lung cancer, brain tumors, alzheimer’s disease, interstitial lung diseases, tuberculosis, etc. Underlying these algorithms is the deep learning toolkit woven with the fabric of data into various solutions engineered by our team at

Shubham Jain is a Founding Member and AI Scientist at He works in Neuroimaging to discover the biomarkers from MRIs for diagnosis of Alzheimer’s using Deep Learning. Shubham graduated from IIT Bombay in 2016 in Computer Science. He has always been a maker, and worked in tangential areas which can be revolutionised using Computer Science. He developed an open source software for low cost monitoring devices to collect data regarding air quality in real time and spread the awareness. He has worked on evolutionary algorithms for game playing agents. At Qure, he has worked on Ultrasound Images, where he finished 28th in the Kaggle Ultrasound Nerve Segmentation Challenge and on Brain Tumours classification using Perfusion Imaging. When not working, Shubham likes to participate in online bot-making competitions such as Halite and Hack-man. He is an avid reader, photographer and also runs an AI community in Mumbai.

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