Vi Nguyen

  • How to integrate a diverse perspective throughout the development lifecycle
  • How to identify and manage cultural challenges
  • What are some common cultural considerations and gaps to be aware of?

Vi Nguyen is a project leader at Boston Consulting Group, specialising in AI and digital transformation. She is an honorary member of the Australian Computing Society on the AI & Ethics Committee and a Standards Australia IoT committee member.

Vi previously worked at Macquarie Bank pioneering new social media, mobile and digital technology across retail banking, started a charity providing education in Vietnam, started a sales-as-service-platform business in Sydney, worked at Volvo Cars, Swedish Space Association, WirelessCars and Grundfos in Sweden on developing FutureLabs, establishing global client service teams and developing new digital business models and has worked with Department of Defence and the Victorian Government.

She was an ambassador for Sweden for a high tech talent Nordic program, speaker at the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce and the Digital Transformation Agency Australia, inspirational speaker at Chalmers University and taught UX Strategy and AI in Sweden and Australia. She completed a Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in Financial Management, a graduate of the AICD and after returning to Australia is passionate about continuing to designing strategies that integrate new technology with compassion.

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