Ryan Alimo

Everyday Spin-offs from Technology Developed for NASA Missions

Dr. Alimo has been working on the development and analysis of machine learning algorithms for increasing the efficiency of autonomous systems with a wide range of applications from swarm spacecraft to mobile apps on smartphones running on embedded processor units and/or computer clouds. He has been developing augmented intelligence (AI) software that increases the efficiency of the human operators rather than taking their jobs.

3 Takeaways:

• The future of Mars exploration with autonomous intelligent systems

• JPL scientist saw applications of computer visions and AI that are powerful for terrestrial applications

• Found applications of CV and AI in PropTech, and home remodelling

Dr. Ryan Alimo is a ML/AI scientist at NASA’s JPL and founder of OPAL AI Inc, a technology startup up in the Silicon Beach. Dr. Alimo’s research interests span theory and practice of data-driven optimization, machine vision, and swarm autonomy. He was awarded NASA JPL’s Voyager in 2019 and Discovery Awards in 2020 where his research works were featured in technology highlights of NASA’s JPL in 2019 and 2020. He obtained his PhD from UC San Diego in data-driven optimization followed by a Postdoc at Caltech’s CAST in autonomous systems before joining NASA’s JPL and founding OPAL AI. He is passionate about human-AI Mars exploration and building habits on the Moon and beyond.

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