Evan Nisselson

Is solving video the key next breakthrough in computer vision? We’ll discuss the key challenges in applying deep learning techniques to video understanding. This will include approaches to building high quality datasets and annotating data for video is quite different than image understanding. What are the key use cases for video today and tomorrow? How do we address concerns around privacy and fears about “big brother”? Last but not least how does video advance the field of AI more towards general intelligence and common sense understanding of the physical world in machine learning models..

Evan Nisselson invests in early stage companies via LDV Capital. He is a serial entrepreneur, professional photographer and digital media expert since the early 1990's. He started making pictures with his Nikon FM at 13 years old. He thrives on helping build teams and businesses that leverage technology to entertain, increase efficiency, and solve problems. Evan's international expertise ranges from assisting technology startups in raising capital, business development, marketing, content development, recruiting and product development.

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