Annabelle Kwok

Deploying Deep Learning with Edge Computing

When it comes to deployment of Deep Learning for industrial applications, clients are looking for a secure and reliable option to perform analytics on confidential information. Edge computing is an emerging paradigm which uses local computing to enable analytics at the source of your data. With the full ability to operate without the need for internet connectivity, the jump from outsourcing dedicated servers on the cloud to owning your own edge computing device by SmartCow, puts AI on the edge at an affordable price.

Annabelle is the founder of SmartCow, Singapore's leading hardware company that builds industrial-grade deployment devices for Artificial Intelligence. It lets users apply GPU-accelerated computing and deep learning to network traffic, and by connecting multiple SmartCow devices together, users can build their own distributed-intelligence network. Prior to SmartCow, Annabelle has worked on regional hardware-related projects with National Geographic Channel, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Maker Faire Singapore, and has made TV appearances on National Geographic Channel.

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