Joanna Bersin

Classrooms are Building Computers & Creating with Code

Kano empowers learners of all ages to create, not just consume, technology. Over 70,000 people across the globe have built Kano computers before coding art, games, music, and more. Hundreds of educators have integrated Kano into classrooms, libraries, or clubs, encouraging young people to both think about what's inside of their devices and use code in order to solve authentic problems. Learn about the inspiring creations coming from Kano's community, along with the importance of strong content, training, and support when implementing technology like Kano into the classroom.

Joanna focuses on Kano's education packages and partnerships. She works with schools, clubs, and communities across the globe on programs that bring Kano's creative approach to computer and coding education. Prior to Kano, she spent 7 years with Knewton, where she was responsible for the execution of API partnerships with international publishers across EMEA. Before that, she led the codevelopment, classroom and curriculum design, and implementation of personalized courses with schools across the US. Joanna holds a B.S. from Duke University in Neuroscience.

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