Stephen Mowat

Naturebytes - Digital Learning, Wildlife Conservation and Open Innovation

This talk will explore how Naturebytes develops new digital making activities that enable people to experience the natural world around them. We will discuss the example of our DIY Wildlife Cam Kit, a motion-sensitive camera powered by the Raspberry Pi computer, and how it can help deliver skills in coding, electronics, 3D design and printing, and educate people about conservation. Using the Wildlife Cam Kits we are building a community of wildlife digital makers and an expanding network of cameras to generate and share information about wildlife.

As co-founder of Naturebytes and a Conservation Ecologist, Stephen’s work focusses on creating accessible tools that use digital learning to reconnect people with wildlife in new and exciting ways. Stephen has a passion for conservation, technology and education. As an Ecologist for the Zoological Society of London his work focussed on the application of new technologies and methods to better understand the ecology and behaviour of key species, and to communicate these insights to a wide audience. His mission at Naturebytes is to grow the community of students, enthusiasts, engineers, designers and scientists and to develop the programme of educational and community driven conservation projects.

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